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Do I need a transfer system?

A transfer system is not needed.

In case you have only one 230-volt

connection, using a Mass Combi brings

an integrated transfer system between

the incoming current and the inverter

current. Incoming 230-volt power

current is automatically directed to the

outlet and the batteries are charged.

The inverter will immediately take over

should the 230-volt input drop or be

switched off, resulting in virtually no


The Mass Combi Ultra even allows

you to directly connect two 230-volt

connections; a mains/grid connection

and an AC generator. The Combi Ultra

automatically switches between all

power sources, including the inverter.


Can I power a computer

with a Combi?

Yes, the Mass Combi can easily and

safely supply a computer without the

slightest problem or risk. The Mass

Combi Ultra can even function as

an emergency power system. If, for

instance, the 230-volt grid drops, the

Combi will automatically switch over to

inverter operation.

As the switching time is very short and

the inverter was already keeping up

with the incoming voltage in standby-

mode, the computer will continue

to work normally. Once the mains is

restored, the system switches back to

charger operation and the incoming

voltage from the grid or generator

again powers the computer. The Mass

Combi MasterAdjust software allows

you to set the minimum level of grid/

generator voltage at which the Combi

is switched on.


Does the Mass Combi work

with washing machines?

The Mass Combi can easily power a

washing machine. One whole washing

cycle will, on average, take 80-100 Ah

(with a 12-volt system), and 40-50 Ah

(with a 24-volt system). Most of the

energy is used to heat up the water, so

consumption is properly correlated to

the water temperature. Washing your

laundry will put considerable strain on

your battery for a short period of time,

so it is important that battery capacity

be sufficient: 600 Ah should be enough

for a 12-volt system and 300 Ah for a

24-volt one.


Can I reduce the power intake

in situations where power is


Yes. The Mass Combi comes with Power

Sharing and Power Support function.

Power Sharing ensures that the battery

charger in the Combi automatically

switches to a lower capacity as soon as

a given preset value is reached.

This value usually corresponds to the

available AC power fuse or generator

capacity. The current required by the

battery charger and the current required

to power connected equipment are

added up. Should the total exceed the

pre-set critical value, the battery charger

current will be automatically reduced

to the extent where grid or generator

power intake is equal to the pre-set value.

The battery charger can even be set to

operate at zero-amps charge current. If

the output load of the Combi exceeds

the preset value of, for instance, the

AC power fuse, the system will quickly

switch back to the inverter: This prevents

the power fuse from blowing or the

generator from becoming overloaded.

Once the current required to power the

connected equipment becomes lower –

when a number of appliances have been

turned off, for example – then the system

will switch back to incoming current and

the batteries will be recharged again.

The value for maximum power intake

can be adjusted via the optional remote

control panels or by DIP switches in the



Can a Combi power

a microwave?

Yes, all microwave models can be

connected to a Mastervolt Combi. Bear

in mind that an 800-watt microwave

consumes 1200 to 1300 watt from the

230-volt system, and that the capacity

of the Combi (inverter) must be able

to handle this. Apart from this, the

total consumption of the microwave is

modest: Five minutes of microwave use

will consume around 8 Ah on a 12-volt

system and 4 Ah on a 24-volt system. A

combination microwave with oven and

grill can also be connected to the Mass

Combi. As power consumption will be

high when the oven and the microwave

are used simultaneously, you will need

a robust battery of at least 600 Ah for

12 volt and 400 Ah for 24 volt.


Can I parallel connect

Mass Combis?

Yes, the Mastervolt Mass Combi 2500 W

and Mass Combi Ultra can be parallel

connected without any problem. The

Mass Combi Ultra can even be connected

in parallel up to ten units. Such a set-up

means that you double the inverter

capacity as well as the charger capacity.

With more batteries or a need to power

more equipment, parallel connect a

second Combi to the existing one. This

doubles the available inverter and charge

capacity. No additional equipment is

required, apart from the connection

of a few signal cables. It will, however,

be necessary to adapt wire and cable

diameters in the system to cope with the

increased capacity.