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The Alpha Pro charge regulator

maximizes the output of Mastervolt

Alpha alternators or any other

alternator by regulating the

alternator in a way that the batteries

receive the optimum charge. The

proven 3-step+ charge method used

by all Mastervolt battery chargers

guarantees fast and safe charging of

your batteries.


The charge regulator is designed

as a ‘fit all’ solution, just one unit

is needed for both 12 and 24 V

applications, with a simple selector

switch to set the regulator to the

right voltage. The unit can also

be used on any other brand of

alternator that has a standard Bosch

connector; an optional connection

cable is available (product code

45510500. Easy operation LEDs on

the body of the regulator indicate

the charge phase.

Alpha Pro charge regulator, supplied

with a Mastervolt alternator as standard.


The Alpha Pro is also fully connectable

to the MasterBus CANBus system,

allowing easy monitoring via a EasyView

touchscreen. In a MasterBus system the

voltage drop over the battery cable will

be compensated automatically, as well as

the battery temperature, improving the

charging time without having to install

additional cabling.

The MasterBus communication also

ensures a safe and efficient charge of the

Lithium Ion batteries.


The Alpha Pro helps to cut emissions

by requiring less run time because

it maximises the power from any

alternator. A battery can be charged

quickly even at very low RPM, especially

when connected to an Alpha series

alternator. By connecting the Alpha

alternator to a Battery Mate or battery

isolator, several battery banks can be

charged simultaneously.

Benefits of the Alpha Pro charge regulator