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This modern charging technology

allows a battery to be quickly and

safely charged in three phases


The first step is the


, in

which the battery is charged quickly. The

output current of the battery charger is

at maximum (100 %) during this phase

and the battery voltage depends on

the charging degree of the battery. The

duration of this phase depends on the

ratio of battery to charger capacity, and

on the degree to which the batteries were

discharged to begin with.

The bulk phase is followed by the


, which begins once

a battery has been charged to ± 80 %

(90 % for Gel and AGM batteries), and

ends when the battery is completely

full. Battery voltage remains constant

throughout this stage, and the charging

current depends on the degree to which

the battery was initially discharged, the

battery type, the ambient temperature,

and so on. With a flooded battery this

phase lasts some four hours, with Gel

and AGM batteries around three. This

does not apply to Lithium Ion batteries

as these are charged to 100 % with full


Once the battery is 100 % charged,

the Mastervolt charger automatically

switches to the



In this step, the batteries are kept in

optimal condition and the connected

users are supplied with power. If power

consumption is higher than can be

supplied by the battery charger, the

remaining power is supplied by the

battery. The battery is then (partly)

discharged and the charger automatically

switches back to the bulk phase.

If consumption is reduced, the charger

will start charging the battery again via

3-step+ charging. A battery charger with

3-step+ charging can remain connected

to the battery, even in winter, and

ensures a long lifespan for your batteries

as well as being safe for the connected


Absorption time

The duration of the second phase in the

charging of a battery. The battery will,

in general, be charged from 80 to 100

% during this phase, which lasts around

four hours with a flooded lead battery,

and three hours with Gel and AGM

batteries. With Lithium Ion batteries the

absorption time is very short as they can

be charged to 100 % with full current.

This phase is automatically set for

Mastervolt battery chargers.

3-Step+ charging

3-Step+ charging characteristic (IUoUo)