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Inductive loads

These loads are, for example, the motors

in air conditioning systems and diving

compressors. They cause the current

to flow out of phase with the voltage, a

phenomenon also known as phase shift.

The degree is indicated by a value, cos

phi or power factor, which ranges from

0 to 1 and is inversely proportionate to

the size of the lag. In a heating element

(which is resistive load), current flows in

step with voltage and cos phi is 1. In a

motor, however, there will be a lag, as

indicated by the typical value of 0.8 - or

sometimes 0.6 - for cos phi. The lower the

cos phi, the greater the lag, and the more

current is necessary to supply a given

level of power.



Converts 12, 24 or 48 volt battery power

to alternating current at 230 V/50 Hz (or

120 V/60 Hz). This allows appliances such

as computers, microwave ovens and TVs

to be powered without the need for a

grid connection or generator.


Isolation transformer

Converts shore power voltage to a higher,

lower or equal value to ensure that there

is galvanic isolation between the shore

power connection and the onboard

electrical system. This prevents corrosion

and increases safety.


Kilowatt (kW)

Unit for electrical power

equivalent to 1000 watt.

Ten 100-watt light bulbs consume one



Kilowatt-hour (kWh)

One kW of electricity used in one hour.

This is the most common measurement

of power consumption.


LED (light emitting


Electronic light with very low

power consumption. LEDs are generally

available in many different colours and

sizes. Mastervolt uses them as signal

lights on battery chargers and inverters.

NiCad batteries will soon be banned

because of their cadmium content.

N.B. All NiCad batteries are considered

to be chemical waste.


NMEA 2000

NMEA 2000 is a plug & play com-

munications standard used for

connecting marine equipment and

displays within boats. Communica-

tion runs at 250 kb-per-second and

allows any device to talk to any dis-

play, or other device compatible with

NMEA 2000 protocols. NMEA 2000 is

compatible with the J1939 CANbus

network, used

on road vehi-

cles and fuel



No-load consumption

Power consumed by an inverter

when it is not powering any

equipment. This is just a few watts

with modern Mastervolt inverters

and Combis. The lower the no-load

consumption, the less power is used

by the inverter.



Unit for electrical resistance,

indicated by the symbol Ω. The

electrical resistance of an electrical

conductor is the opposition to

the passage of an electric current

through that conductor.


Ohm’s law

Gives the relationship

between voltage (U),

current (I) and resistance (R). In

formula terms this is expressed


U= I x R

. If two of the three

values are known, the third can be


The latest generation of LEDs can be

used as lights as well and are very low in

use of energy.


Lithium Ion battery

Lithium Ion batteries have a high

energy density and are perfect for cyclic

applications. Compared to traditional

lead-acid batteries, Lithium Ion batteries

offer savings of up to 70 % in volume and

weight, while the number of charging

cycles is three times as large. Another

major benefit of the Mastervolt Lithium

Ion battery is that it is equipped with an

integrated Battery Management System.

The system keeps all the individual cells

perfectly balanced, and ensures a long

battery lifespan.


Lloyd’s approval

Lloyd’s Register of Shipping is a British

classification society for yachts,

professional shipping, drilling platforms,

etcetera. Numerous insurance companies

require large vessels to be approved by

Lloyd’s. This means

that the vessel

and the onboard

equipment have

to satisfy stringent




MasterBus is Mastervolt’s

advanced standard for

data communication and integration

of Mastervolt components within your

electric system. Advantages include

complete system integration, easy

operation and monitoring, and simple

installation with

fewer cables.

A MasterBus

network can be

easily extended in

a later stage.


NiCad batteries

Containing nickel and

cadmium, this type of battery is

unsuitable for use on boats due to the high

charge voltage required.