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A concept related to the safety of

an inverter, generator or power

connection. A fuse, for instance,

ensures against overload. All

Mastervolt inverters have electronic

protection against overload.


Parallel connection

In a parallel connection the

current can flow through

multiple circuits. By parallel connecting

batteries (positive to positive, negative

to negative), the capacity of the

battery set is increased, while voltage

stays the same. For example, while

two 12V/55Ah batteries connected in

parallel have a voltage of 12 volt, the

capacity is 55 + 55 = 110 Ah.


Peak power

The maximum current that can be

supplied by an inverter for short

periods of time. This is often necessary,

as electric motors can consume up to

ten times their nominal power when

starting up. Mastervolt inverters can

deliver a high peak current, often

reaching two to three times their

nominal capacity.



The name of a German scientist who in

1897 observed that a battery supplies

progressively less power as the discharge

current increases. Peukert created a

formula that gives the number of amp-

hours a battery can supply at a given

discharge current and time. Mastervolt

battery monitors all take Peukert’s law

into account, ensuring that you always

have a correct overview of your battery’s



Power Sharing

This concept is related to the

performance of the charger part of a

Combi when connected to the grid or

a generator. It involves the automatic

power intake regulation of the battery

charger when the power is very low. As

soon as the power fuse is in danger of

being overloaded, the battery charger

automatically reduces its output current

so that tipping of the power fuse is



Power Assist

A feature found in the Mass Combi Ultra.

Power Assist ensures that the power

supply to onboard consumers is partially

provided by the batteries if the power is

in danger of becoming overloaded.


Recombination technology

Used in AGM and Gel batteries to make

sure that the gas (oxygen and hydrogen)

generated by charging is recombined into

water. This means that the batteries can

be entirely maintenance-free and sealed.


RRR approval

The Russian River Register sets standards

for products and manufacturers in terms

of quality, safety and environmental

friendliness. Only products certified by

the RRR are allowed onboard vessels

sailing on the country’s inland and coastal



RMRS approval

The Russian Maritime Register of

Shipping sets standards that products

and manufacturers must meet in order

to be allowed onboard vessels flying the

Russian flag within Russian territorial

waters (seas and

inland waters).

The institute is

also responsible

for related


It is activated after the battery charger’s

output has been reduced to zero via the

power sharing system in the Combi.


RCM approval

Regulatory Compliance Mark

(RCM). This means that the

product complies with the requirements

of Electrical



Council (ERAC) in