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For heavy duty work in professional and semi-

professional applications.


Full capacity at temperatures up to 40 °C.


Pure sine wave output prevents failures and damage

to connected sensitive equipment.


High peak capacity for the seamless switching on of

complex and heavy loads.


Dynamic, battery-specific input current for an optimal

use of every type of battery (Mass Sine Ultra).


Parallel configuration of up to ten devices for a

capacity up to 40 kW (Mass Sine Ultra).


3-Phase configuration for a capacity up to 36 kW

(Mass Sine Ultra).


Integrated MasterBus (Mass Sine Ultra) or

MasterBus compatible (Mass Sine).


Suitable for mobile applications.


Professional connections.


Automatic, reliable and safe operation.


Optional: Masterswitch/Systemswitch for automatic

selection of the desired energy source.

Make the most of your batteries

The Mass Sine Ultra is equipped with

a dynamic battery voltage window.

Taking into account the type of battery

and current, this function ensures the

inverter can supply AC longer without

overtaxing the batteries.

Mass Sine

Mastervolt’s Mass Sine inverters have

been proving their value in the most

extreme conditions for over 25 years.

Clear Indicators

The Mass Sine features easy controls

on the device itself. As inverters are

often built in, we also supply an effective

remote control panel, the C4-RI. In

addition, the Mass Sine can be controlled

via its intuitive display, the EasyView 5,

thanks to the integration of MasterBus

communication using a MasterBus

Inverter Interface or AC Power Analyser.

Easy and safe connections

The Mass Sine inverters provide robust

and professional connections for fast

and safe installation.

Mass Sine Ultra

With an AC capacity of 4000 W in one

unit, the Mass Sine Ultra can satisfy

even the greatest energy demands. As

ten units can be switched in parallel or

3x3 in a three-stage configuration, the

Mass Sine Ultra can supply a capacity of

up to 40 kW. The inverter provides full

power at 40 °C and works smoothly even

in extreme conditions such as engine

rooms and technical spaces. Like all

Mass products, the inverter is supplied

in a compact and robust casing.

This inverter is the best choice if you are

looking for autonomous AC capacity of

over 3 kW.

Latest Technology

The extremely efficient V6 power

electronics save volume and weight with

minimal sound levels and a very low

ripple voltage which extends the lifespan

of your batteries. At the same time,

digital technology prevents any annoying

flickering and voltage fluctuations.