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Inverter Charger Control (ICC) control panel

The ICC control panel provides information on the DC consumption,

charge phase, malfunction diagnosis and the availability of the grid

power supply. This panel also features a ‘charger only’ on/off button.

AC Power Control (APC) control panel

The APC control panel provides clear information about the AC power,

the grid voltage and the settings of the AC breaker. The APC control

panel enables you to set the maximum input current to prevent the

AC breaker from tripping.

Combi Deal with MasterBus (MB version)

To integrate the Mass Combi into a MasterBus system in a simple manner, Mastervolt can deliver all Mass Combi

models in a MasterBus version. The relevant product code includes the Mass Combi model of your choice,

complemented by a MasterBus Combi interface.

Combi Deal with remote control (Remote version)

In addition, Mastervolt can provide all Mass Combi models in a Remote version so that the AC and DC power status

can be monitored remotely. The relevant product code includes the Mass Combi model of your choice, plus an ICC

control panel and an APC control panel.

Maximise your convenience with a Mass Combi package deal.

MasterBus Combi Interface

This interface makes the Mass Combi part of the MasterBus system,

a communication and networking platform developed by Mastervolt.

All components easily connect with each other within a MasterBus

system, making for easy and intuitive operation. At the same time,

the installation requires far fewer cables, which reduces the chance of

any complications. The entire system may be operated with a single

EasyView 5 touchscreen panel.