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Optimal division of charge

current over multiple batteries

Mastervolt offers several intelligent solutions:


Battery isolators that divide your charge current

with a minimum energy loss.


The Charge Mate for connecting and/or

disconnecting two batteries.


Battery Watch for monitoring the condition of

your batteries (also usable as main switch).

Complete range for

every system


BI series

battery isolators for conventional

systems with an alternator or battery charger

and two or three batteries.


Battery Mate

battery isolators with a negligible

voltage drop; most suitable for charging multiple

batteries, possibly with various brands of

alternators, even if their charge voltage cannot

be adjusted. Ensures high efficiency and

negligible energy loss.


Charge Mate

for switching two batteries in

parallel while charging.


Battery Watch

battery switch with protection

against overvoltage and depletion of the battery.

Charging two or three batteries

at high capacity

The Battery Mate is ideal for alternators with

a maximum charge current of 160 A or 250

A. It can charge two or three batteries with a

very high yield and without voltage drop.

Robust and Durable

Completely corrosion-proof material with

aluminium heat sinks. The electronic

components are encased in synthetic

materials, the BI models have molded diode


Clear Monitoring

Safety guaranteed: The Battery Mate LED

display indicates whether the power input

is active.

Fast Installation

The synthetic end plates feature connection

lugs, the solid bolt connections with nuts

and locking rings ensure easy installation.

Compact and Lightweight

The Mastervolt BI battery isolators are

compact and fully solid state, preventing

wear. The weight varies from 580 to 1300


Onboard systems usually consist of two or more batteries that function independently

when powering the 12, 24 or 48 V consumers. These batteries require independent

charging with reliable battery isolators or battery combiners.