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Battery accessories for

convenience, safety and comfort

Capacity and the right type of battery are important, but so too are safety, comfort and ease

of installation; three aspects of your battery for which Mastervolt has numerous intelligent

accessories. We will help you get the most out of your 12 V, 24 V or 48 V system, and ensure a

maximum lifespan for your batteries.

Strong connections for

maximum safety

Your battery set is not complete without a proper and

safe connection with the electrical system. Mastervolt

recommends connections with corrosion-proof links

and heavy-duty screw bolts. A proper cover and

isolation of the battery poles prevents sparks or short


Secure Fuses

The MasterShunt (page 84) can be fitted with a Class

T fuse or ANL fuse. The Class T fuse is suitable for the

high short-circuit current of Lithium Ion batteries.

For the DC distribution, Mastervolt offers an extensive

range of ATM, ATO/ATC and MAXI fuses and fuse

holders in addition to ANL fuses. A comprehensive

portfolio is featured in the BEP and Blue Sea System

product catalogues and on their websites.

Battery Switches

Mastervolt offers a comprehensive range of battery

switches that allow you to isolate your on board

power or starter system from its supply voltage.

The full product portfolio is available in the product

catalogues and on the websites of BEP and Blue Sea