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Your powerful digital assistant

Amperian is a powerful digital assistant which keeps an eye on your Mastervolt power system,

anywhere in the world. Ranging from remote battery monitoring up to system optimization,

Amperian provides you with a ticket to the future.

The future starts now

Mastervolt and her parent company Power Products

LLC are passionate about reliable systems and

excellent service. The new Amperian platform aims

to unburden our customers: this web service allows

both service providers and owners* to check a power

system remotely and make adjustments where

needed. Having access to the Internet equals access

to your system and when something comes up, such

as a battery charger that’s no longer plugged in,

Amperian will alert you automatically.

Using Amperian

Amperian comes with a secure account which

allows access to your system. Authorize your service

provider to obtain expert service and advice: ‘No

Worries’ taken to a whole new level.

Empower your system with Amperian

Mastervolt has designed a new Interface to access

the benefits of Amperian. The Amperian Interface can

reach every individual MasterBus device within your

system. It connects to the Internet using an Ethernet

or WiFi connection. Integrated 3G/4G communication

is under development.

Service Offering

Building on the Internet of Things, the Amperian

platform will be the cornerstone for various new

tools and services. The initial release, by means of the

Amperian Interface, provides access to:


E-mail alerts: e-mail notifications sent from your



Log book: alerts stored in your personal Amperian



MasterAdjust Web: remote monitoring and

configuration tool for service providers.

E-mail alerts and logbook

In case a system alert comes up, Amperian will

provide you with a notification immediately. If

anything out of the ordinary occurs in your system,

you will always be aware. Prevent surprises such as

empty batteries or tanks when you needed them to

be filled. Return to your truck, yacht, RV or standalone

system, being reassured that everything is in order

for a successful working day or a wonderful trip.

Using the logbook available on the Amperian web

portal, you will be able to look up the history of these






* under development.