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CZone removes the one-to-one relationship

between each physical switch and the item being

controlled, and allows multiple devices to be

controlled by a single touch.

This simplifies the display and ensures critical items

are not forgotten, like navigation lights when running

at night. The combinations can also overlap, allowing

the same device to be controlled in different ways by

different modes.


So for example a mode for “Daytime Running” might

turn on the fridge, fresh-water pump, toilet pump

and bilge blower. A “Night Running” mode might

add navigation lights to this and dim the instrument

lights, while a “Night Anchor” mode would turn these

off and replace them with the anchor light, interior

lights and underwater lights. In this way a small

number of programmed modes could cater for all the

combinations required during normal operation.

Let CZone


do the thinking...



Creating modes is done using the CZone

configuration software, and this can

incorporate suitable graphics. Modes can then

be programmed to display graphically which

devices are enabled for each mode, ensuring

immediate understanding of what the state is

of each device is in the current mode.