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CZone Touch 7 Power Connector

The CZone displays are designed with both the manufacturer and end-user in mind. The easy-to-use display screens put the control of all components directly at your fingertips. Multiple display interfaces can be used in the same system. The scroll and click interface is simple to use in the roughest of seas or bumpiest of roads.


Allows user to easily monitor AC and DC power, tanks, data, alarms, and circuit status. Presents data in analogue and digital form.


Breaks down the circuits into easy to identify groups for quick control, i.e. to turn on fresh water pump the user can open the ‘pumps’ group and make the appropriate selection. This screen also allows the user to monitor the status of the circuit i.e. on, off, fault and current draw.


Allows an OEM or technician access to the configuration (via password) of a system. No need for a computer to set or change configuration settings such as circuit labels, circuit breaker sizes, etc.


Ease of operation assured. With one press of the key users can turn on a group of circuits without having to scroll, search for, and turn on the individual circuits that they need for the operation of their vessel or vehicle. When leaving, simply press ‘systems off’ to turn off all non-essential circuits. Entertainment mode allows preset activation of lounge lights, music, etc. All functions can be controlled remotely.

Product code: 80-911-0203-00


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