IVET 3.5

A safe connection between vessel and shore installation is an essential part of your electrical system. A galvanic electrical isolation between shore power and the on board power prevents any electrical corrosion of metal parts while keeping you earthed.

IVET Heavy-duty Series

High-output E-core isolation transformer without casing, for self installation. The product is multi tap, meaning you can handle 120/230/240 V going in and out.

Mastervolt recommends to install the IVET heavy-duty isolation transformer with Soft Start. Soft Start suppresses the inrush current from the transformer and prevents the power fuse from blowing.

  • High-quality isolation transformers without casing for self installation.
  • Optional Soft Start, in synthetic casing.
  • Capacities of 2.5 kW to 22 kW.

Product code: 85000350
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General specifications
Output voltage (± 5 %) 120/220/240 V
Output frequency range 45-65 Hz
Input voltage range 110/220/240 V
Input frequency range 45-65 Hz
Nominal input current (230 V) 16 A
Galvanic isolation yes
Efficiency > 93 %
Power 3500 W
Dimensions, hxwxd 330 x 200 x 185 mm
13.0 x 7.9 x 7.3 inch
Weight 30 kg
66.1 lb
Approvals CE, ABYC
Technical specifications
Technology E-core
Earth leakage protection no
No-load power consumption < 10 W
Temperature range (ambient temp.) 0 °C to 40 °C, derating power > 40 °C
32 °F to 104 °F
Cooling natural cooling
Protection degree IP00
Operating humidity max. 95 %
Soft start option
MasterBus compatible no



IVET 3.5

EC DoC IVET Isolation transformers


Drawings (dimensions)

IVET 3.5

Connection diagram (pdf file) IVET Isolation Transformer


Drawings (installation)

IVET 3.5

Dimensions Isolation Transformer IVET


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Soft Start 13 kW

The Soft Start automatic switch suppresses the inrush current from the isolation transformer to... View product