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Mass Systemswitch 16 kW (230 V)

Mass Systemswitch: The complete system solution

  • Three AC inputs, for example inverter, grid power and generator.
  • Three or four outlets to AC power groups.
  • Automatic switching.
  • Power transfer from 4.5 kW to 16 kW, input/output from 25 to 63 A.
  • Information source for central energy management via MasterBus network.
  • Optional automatic fuses; for larger systems this usually requires an extra casing.
  • MasterBus compatible.

Suitable for MasterBus

As the Mass Systemswitch is suitable for MasterBus, all the information can also be read out on, for instance, a MasterView display, including the status of the charge current and the inverter.

LED indications on Systemswitch

Read out of the basic functions on the display, including indication of available power source, generator, grid power or inverter and ‘load on inverter’ function.

Central energy management

The MasterView Easy indicates AC current, amperage and frequency including the ‘load on inverter’ mode. The 12/24 V read out shows current, power (charge/discharge) and battery monitoring, and has a start/stop generator.

Smart electronics

The intelligent electronics control the switching to ensure that the equipment does not use too much power. Its double pole relay is sustainable and incredibly safe. 

Product code: 55008205
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General specifications
Nominal input voltage 230 V (50/60 Hz)
Input voltage range 200-250 V
Number of inputs 3
Number of outputs 4
Dimensions, hxwxd 340 x 261 x 144 mm
13.4 x 10.3 x 5.7 inch
Weight 5 kg
11.0 lb
Technical specifications
Connection for remote control yes
LED indication on enclosure indication voltage sources present and 'load on inverter' mode
Nominal input current generator 63 A
Nominal input current grid 40 A
Nominal input current inverter 25 A
Earth leakage protection no
Generator input switch cont. monitoring of voltage and frequency
Time delay generator input 0-10 sec (adjustable)
Nominal current shortbreak output 25 A
Nominal current power output 40 A
Nominal current generator output 63 A
Automatic circuit breakers no, system dependent
Power consumption (AC all inputs) 33 W
Power consumption (only inverter power) < 1 W
Transfer time switch on 12-22 ms / switch off 4-19 ms
Temperature range (specified) -5 °C to 60
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25°C to 70
Temperature range (storage/non operating) -60 °C to 80
Relative humidity max. 95% (non condensing)
Frequency watch yes
Cable size 0.5-10 mm²/AWG 20-7, remote control 0.14-2.5 mm²/AWG 26-13
Protection degree IP23
MasterBus compatible yes



MasterAdjust Software to configure, monitor and log your Mastervolt system (MasterBus-USB interface...



Mass Systemswitch 16 kW (230 V)

EU DoC Mass Systemswitch 16 kW


User manuals

Mass Systemswitch 16 kW (230 V)

Installation and user manual Mass Systemswitch model 16 - MasterBus (English)


3D product drawings

3D-drawing Mass Systemswitch 16 kVA/230V (zipped STEP file)


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