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MasterBus Philippi Interface

The MasterBus Philippi Interface makes it possible to view and control Mastervolt products on a Philippi PSM2 display. Mastervolt products use the CAN-based MasterBus protocol to communicate between products. Similar, the company Philippi uses the PBUS protocol. The MasterBus Philippi Interface connects the worlds of MasterBus and PBUS.

Access to the world of Philippi system monitors

The MasterBus Philippi Interface translates the messages from MasterBus to PBUS, and vice versa. In addition to the devices available on the PBUS, the Philippi System Monitor (PSM) will be able to monitor and control up to 6 Mastervolt products. For each product, a selection of the most popular values and controls are displayed, for example the State of Charge of your battery bank measured by the MasterShunt.

Compatible products include Mass Combi, Mass Combi Ultra, MLI Ultra, ChargeMaster, ChargeMaster Plus and MasterShunt 500. Plug & Play configuration of the MasterBus Philippi Interface makes life easy. The Philippi System Monitor even allows configuring the displayed Mastervolt products.  

This Interface solution allows combining complete Mastervolt power systems with Philippi System Monitors, showing all system information on a single display.


  • Configure, monitor & control Mastervolt products from a Philippi System Monitor.
  • Read out Mastervolt and Philippi systems through a single display.
  • Plug & Play installation.
  • Sales enabler; creates new sales opportunities.


Suitable for various marine and mobile applications, like boats, campers and caravans. Also upgrades or refits with an existing Philippi system. 


More information about Philippi System Monitors and PBUS:

Product code: 77031850
download pdf


General specifications
Function communication interface between PBUS and MasterBus
Programmability automatic & manual configuration
Data communicated selection of most popular values per product
Compatibility up to 6x Mass Combi/Ultra, MLI/Ultra, ChargeMaster, MasterShunt; multiple clustered devices count as a single instance; MasterBus ‘events’ are not transmitted to PBUS; Philippi devices not visible on MasterBus network
Communication protocol Philippi PBUS and MasterBus
MasterBus powering no
Protection degree IP21
Dimensions, hxwxd 66 x 78 x 32 mm
2.6 x 3.1 x 1.3 inch
Weight (excl. cable) 0.07 kg
0.2 lb
Delivered with connection cable (100 mm), MasterBus cable, MasterBus terminator
Technical specifications
Power consumption < 40 mA
DIN rail mounting yes, DIN rail 30 mm



MasterBus Philippi Interface

EU DoC NMEA, Firecan, CANopen and Philippi Interface


User manuals

MasterBus Philippi Interface

User's manual MasterBus - Philippi Interface (English)