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An electrical system for the Belgian Federal Police

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This Belgian police van needed to be multi-functional and be able to power a large amount of electronic equipment on board. The vehicle had to be suitable as a mobile command post, but also for roadside drink driving checks, crowd control at festivals and as transport for fully equipped police officers. The budget was tight: the police needed a cost-effective solution...

Mastervolt electrical system for Belgium police vehicle

In consultation with the Belgian distributor for Mastervolt, Navex Elektro and vehicle builder Autographe their requirements resulted in the selection of an extremely compact, budget-friendly electrical system that takes up minimal space in the vehicles and saves significant weight too. Just opting for an MLI-E 12 Volt 1.2 kWh battery reduced the load by 20 kg! Other components, such as the AC Master sine wave inverter and the ChargeMaster, are also light and compact.

Advantages of this system

  • The engine needn't be kept running. No wasted fuel means less environmental impact.
  • A stable, reliable power source for all equipment onboard.
  • Easy operation and monitoring of the system.
  • Weight savings thanks to the modern Lithium Ion battery: MLI-E 12/1200.
  • Additional savings in weight and space through the use of light, compact components.
  • Sufficient capacity for the system to run for many hours without access to mains power.
  • Smart battery management ensures a worry-free power supply. The MLI-E battery communicates directly with the GO112 digital module, allowing this to switch off the inverter to prevent deep battery discharges. This guarantees the safety and, above all, visibility in critical situations.
  • Optimum charging of both starter and service batteries occurs during even brief trips.
  • Top-up charging is possible using either mains power or a generator.

Customer-specific requirements

There were a number of specific practical requirements of particular importance to the Belgian Federal Police: They required at least ten hours of continuous TV reception to be available on board, and needed to be able to use the onboard laptop for a minimum of thirteen consecutive hours, and print at least 150 pages, all without mains power.

The system

The vehicle, a Mercedes van, is already equipped with a Euro 6 smart alternator. This energy-efficient alternator isn't continuously active when the engine is running, so it can only maintain the starter battery. Furthermore, charging an additional service battery is not possible. The perfect solution is the Mastervolt Mac Plus DC-DC charger, which ensures controlled charging of the service battery, with a charging current of 50 amps when driving. The Mac Plus monitors the service battery and compensates for voltage loss, while the proven 3-stage charging method ensures fast, safe charging. Moreover, by stabilising the charge voltage, the Mac Plus helps preserve the battery and connected equipment that draws from it.

Mastervolt electrical system for Belgium police vehicle

The Belgian Federal Police are very pleased with the chosen solution, and plan to equip future vehicles with Mastervolt MLI Lithium Ion batteries as well.

System drawing

System components