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CJL Leisure presents one of the world’s smartest camper using Mastervolt and Advanced Systems Group brands

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CJL Leisure are expert converters of VW and Ford vans creating quality, safe camper conversions that are fit for function, cost-effective and rather fabulous! After two years of development, the team are delighted to showcase their latest project – one of the world’s smartest RV/campervans with ground-breaking power and control management system onboard, provided by Mastervolt. The new system raises the standard and makes two-weeks off-grid living a truly comfortable and realistic proposition.

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The recreational vehicle market revolves around independence and being able to rely on the same sort of electricity supply that is available at home. There are also various specific demands involving issues such as regulations for weight and volume. Mastervolt is known for producing the best products with an optimal capacity, weight and volume ratio. What’s more, Mastervolt products are usually smaller and more lightweight than those offered by other manufacturers, and the smart technology ensures that Mastervolt equipment is significantly quieter. All products are then linked to ensure they function together as a single system. It doesn’t get any easier.

CJL Leisure’s initial design ideology is that the system will MONITOR, CONTROL and MAINTAIN a RV/campervan and provide the consumer with unrivalled information. And there are plenty of luxury features onboard to maintain, including temperature/climate control inside the van, electric sun awning, heated seats, dimmable LED lighting throughout, microwave, air conditioning, fresh and waste water tank levels monitoring, and fridge.

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The power and control management system has the ability to monitor levels including, current draw in amps, voltages for charge systems and inputs, temperatures, wind conditions, 360-degree cameras for ease of driving and security monitoring whilst off grid camping.

Brand new to the RV/campervan market is that this monitored data can be accessed from the cab whilst driving via the all-new HALO 11 unit from Alps Alpine. The HALO 11 unit not only communicates with the RV/campervan’s CANBUS system but also the Mastervolt NMEA2000 data network. Furthermore, the data can also be remotely accessed anywhere in the world via a sentinel device that plugs into the Mastervolt system.


All systems and devices can also be controlled from the cab of the RV/campervan by either the driver or the passenger. Examples of this could be the heating system being altered in the back seats without having to leave the front seats, checking water levels onboard without having to stop, or checking and changing the temperature of the fridge so the drinks are at the right temperature upon arrival at the destination. There is also remote access for control via the sentinel device.

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The main new advantage of this world leading system in the leisure sector is the maintenance mode, ensuring the people using the RV/campervan have a trouble-free experience whilst away on their travels. Through the constant monitoring of components, the smart control system is able to ‘see’ increased loads and issues prompting maintenance alerts for the user, so they know to carry out maintenance activities before it’s too late. For example, a water pump draws a constant 10 amps during normal use, if a filter downstream of the pump becomes blocked the amps will increase, the system will send an alert message to advise of this and then the water filter can be cleaned.

The same applies to the 600W solar panel array on the roof of the RV/campervan as the input/output levels are monitored. If the panel performance should drop, a message to clean and check the panels is sent.

Holiday rental companies will be delighted with the maintenance alert capabilities of this new system, as long-term damage to onboard components can be avoided, water leaks prevented, regular services programmed, and software updates installed.

CJL Leisure

Providing the power and electrical components for this new system, Mastervolt supplied:

System drawing

CJL LeisureCJL Leisure

Cye Hayes from CJL Leisure says; “We choose Mastervolt systems due to the fact they are lightweight, robust and proven in the offshore boat market. Mastervolt products are the perfect fit for our vehicles which are both of the highest quality and at the cutting edge of the campervan tech market. Working with the Mastervolt tech team on this project has been a great journey.”