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Drain inspection vehicle: Silent operation with no emissions

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New environmental laws – such as more ecological solutions for water inspection systems – are changing the market for mobile laboratories. Despite the high energy demand of mobile laboratories for drain inspection, they must operate in complete silence and with zero emissions. This is where Power Products comes in: our solutions autonomously power and protect sensitive equipment on board as well as the instruments used for extracting samples from the drains.

Power Products Mobile Solutions Drain Inspection Vehicle

Your benefits

  • More than ten hours of autonomy without running the engine. 
  • The low weight of the Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery is key for these small vehicles.
    Road and car regulations are increasingly strict, meaning that other batteries might
    preclude working with two persons due to the total weight of the car including people. 
  • Eco-friendly because the generator is out of the system. 
  • Noise-free operation is crucial in environments where people live and work, like the city centre. 
  • The Blue Sea Systems safety relay and Pro Installer T fuse holder guarantee safe working
    conditions for employees when close to water.

Customer comment

“We deployed Mastervolt’s comprehensive system solution, including its lightweight Lithium Ion batteries, as part of our efforts to be more green and eco-friendly. Mastervolt’s number one priority is safety, and this is very important in this application, which involves people working with water and electricity all day long.”

Iván Jordá, aftersales manager
Azimut Electronics, Spain

The system

The electric system is tailor made for a long service life and cost-effective day to day operation of examining pipe networks in harsh environments. The reliability and weight of the vehicles and the equipment installed is crucial. Our MLI Lithium Ion battery and the lightweight, high frequency Mass Combi Ultra provide ample space for the required inspection components. The power supply to the entire drain inspection system is emission-free and extremely economical as the MLI Ultra 24/5000 survives three times as many charging cycles as conventional batteries and can thus be used significantly longer. The entire system can be controlled by the operator terminal, while the laboratory is properly conditioned all the time, with controlled temperature and humidity.

System drawing

Power Products Mobile Solutions System Drawing Drain Inspection Vehicle

Products used

The engineers choice 

The Blue Sea Systems safety relay and the Pro Installer T fuse holder form a perfect couple for ensuring the safety of your Lithium Ion battery and your entire system. This protects the battery from deep discharging and safeguards your investment and vehicle. Using Class T fuses ensures that the system and cabling are properly protected even with the extremely large current peaks a Lithium Ion battery can provide. The safety relay reliably switches off, even when disconnecting an extremely high live current.

Pro Installer T fuse holder