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Emergency vehicle: Fire brigade coordination vehicle

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This emergency vehicle sets a new standard in its class when unveiled as a demo vehicle at the IAA fair in 2016. It offers the dependability and quick ease of use firefighting commanders are looking for. Developed in collaboration with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Bösenberg, for the first time ever the electrical system of the command vehicle can exchange information with the base vehicle. All information – about either the vehicle or the electrical system – can be displayed and handled on the in-dash touchscreen of the navigation system or via a smartphone app.

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Your benefits

  • High reliability, no unexpected surprises.
  • Long stationary use without grid connection.
  • High quality electric energy for sensitive devices.
  • Easy to handle in stressful situations.
  • Use in rough environments and under extreme temperatures.
  • Six-hour autonomy without running the engine.
  • Low weight of the total system makes vehicle fast while driving.
  • Remote service and maintenance for 24/7 availability.
  • All information and control from a single display on the dashboard, with OEM look and feel.

Customer comment

“The integration of control and monitoring on the dashboard of this vehicle enabled our customer to quickly see and adapt the status of the whole system, getting the team on the road as quickly as possible to answer emergency calls. They no longer have to worry about the capabilities of the system. Instead they are able to focus on the stressful situation they are driving out to, backed by a vehicle with a highly reliable electrical system.”

Christian Berger, Key-Account-Manager Emergency Services

Walter Bösenberg Fahrzeugeinrichtungen GmbH, Germany

The system

The electrical system in this vehicle revolves around a state-of-the-art Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery, providing the longest possible autonomy without the need for recharging. The system allows for DC and AC power in stand-alone operation at any location. The Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery can either be charged from an external plug-in, or from the alternator via the starter battery when driving. All the DC loads onboard are fused, monitored and switched digitally, from the vehicle’s navigation screen, a smartphone app or conventionally.

System drawing

Products used

The engineers choice

The Mac Plus is the Euro 5/6 compliant solution for charging our Lithium Ion batteries. It provides safe charging thanks to the direct MasterBus (CAN) communication between the MLI Ultra and the Mac Plus. It is able to provide full secondary battery charging even when the smart Euro 5/6 alternator voltage drops to 12.5 volt. Its automatic on/off behaviour prevents draining your starter battery at all times.

Mastervolt Mac Plus 12/12-50A