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Mastervolt delivers a complete electrical system for the Mobile Command Unit (MCU) of the Gelderland fire brigade

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The North/East Gelderland fire brigade is one of the 25 regional fire brigades in the Netherlands, with 56 fire stations spread over 22 municipalities. About 870,000 people live in this area, on an area of over 3,000 km2. The fire brigade can be deployed at a moment’s notice and works closely with the other emergency services in the area. This responsibility requires reliable equipment, such as the Mobile Command Unit (MCU), a mobile emergency centre with all necessary facilities, on a DAF truck chassis.

Mastervolt has proudly supplied the MCU with a robust and reliable energy system - in collaboration with Contour Advanced Systems and Wiegel Transport Equipment. This system is equipped with Lithium Ion batteries, 3-phase battery chargers, a powerful sine wave inverter and a MasterBus CANbus system with central readout.

Description of the system

The basis of this autonomous system is the Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery bank. The six powerful 24/5500 Lithium Ion Ultra batteries, equipped with the latest Li-ion technology and battery management functionality, are connected in parallel to meet a total battery capacity of 33 kWh. In addition, each battery has an individual T-fuse and safety relay for optimum safety and reliability. The battery bank is charged by the single-phase battery charger via 230 V mains supply, or by the 3-phase battery chargers, powered from the 400 Volt PTO. The PTO control on the DAF engine charges the batteries with a charging current of 300 amps. The PTO and battery chargers are automatically activated via the MasterBus (CANbus) system, based on the charge status of the Lithium Ion battery bank. This makes flat batteries and low power levels a thing of the past.

The Mastervolt EasyView display gives an overview of the current battery capacity and all connected MasterBus components, including the fuel level. The Mass Sine 24/5000 sine wave inverter supplies all 230 V loads in the Mobile Command Unit from the battery bank. The Mastervolt DC Distribution ensures a safe distribution of all incoming and outgoing currents, as all cables are secured by an internal ANL fuse. Of course, any fuse problems are indicated via the EasyView display, and the visibility of all MasterBus components can be arranged as desired. The automated loading concept guarantees a reliable system during crisis situations, so that all attention can be focused on combating the emergency.

Advantages of the system

  • An extremely reliable energy system without the use of a traditional generator.
  • The electrical system can control the MCU completely autonomously and operate independently of the mains.
  • The efficient and fast charging Lithium Ion battery bank has a total battery capacity of no less than 33 kWh.
  • Charging current of 300 amps at 24 Volt by means of three Mastervolt 3-phase battery chargers, powered by the automated 400 V PTO control on the engine.
  • The Mastervolt Magic DC-DC converter provides stable power supply and galvanic isolation for sensitive equipment.
  • Intuitive operation and monitoring of the system via the EasyView 5, even under stressful conditions.
  • Low system weight due to the use of the Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries and Mastervolt power electronics, equipped with the latest high-frequency technology.
  • The MasterBus USB Interface allows reading, configuring and updating of the system on the PC.
  • Remote service and maintenance of the system is possible.
  • Reliable system in extreme situations, with potentially high ambient temperatures.
  • Central read-out (via EasyView display) of the fuel level through the TS1 ultrasonic tank sender, linked to the MasterBus Tanklevel Interface.

Trusted brand for the Gelderland fire brigade

Mastervolt has become a trusted and well-known brand for the Gelderland fire brigade. In North and East Gelderland, in addition to this Mobile Command Unit (MCU), other fire engines are also equipped with electrical systems from Mastervolt:

  • Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles for the Chief Officers of Service.
  • Toyota Landcruiser vehicles for the Officers of Service.

With these vehicles - just like with the MCU - a reliable energy system is also of the utmost importance, as no compromise can be made on essential emergency equipment and important firefighting tools.

System components

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