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Reducing the costs of a billboard system

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Advertising companies in France use road-side 8 m² motorised billboards, that need electrical power for lighting and motors that change the picture every 5 seconds. For the electrical needs of these panels, in some cases a contract is put in place with the grid operator and an electrical meter is needed. This can be very expensive, so an option of a system running off batteries, and recharged at night by street lighting is used. These panels could be single or double sided operation.

The problem we were faced with, was that the systems used had to be installed inside the panel, hence the operating temperature in the summer meant that the performance of the chargers and batteries used was not optimal and the batteries had to be changed very often, so costly. Due to new ecological law the street lighting was going to be turned off at certain times during the night, so normal 3-step charging with long absorption times was not ideal, but necessary because of the use of lead acid batteries. The solution was to change to Lithium Ion batteries. Quick charge and a very long lifespan meant a reliable system that will work independently for years.

Energy consumption

“We teamed-up with Mastervolt to help us provide a solution for our 8m² scrolling billboards where we had problems with our actual supplier and lead acid battery technology. Mastervolts product quality and professionalism have impressed all of our regional offices in finding a long term solution.“

Hervé Leplat, Quality & Improvement Manager
Clear Channel, France

System choice

  • 1 x MLI Ultra 12/2500
  • 1 x ChargeMaster 12/35-3
  • 1 x AC Master 12/500
  • 1 x Pro Installer fuse holder
  • 1 x T-fuse
  • 1 x DC Distribution 500
  • 1 x GPRS Module (optional)

System drawing