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Riederhütte powered by DOMA, Austria

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The Riederhütte is a shelter in the Austrian mountains that is completely autonomously supplied by an off grid package (PV panels, MPPT charge regulators, batteries, generator, inverters) as there is no grid available in the mountains. In addition to the solar panels and the batteries, a backup generator is needed if battery capacity is depleted or when there is insufficient sunshine.

Energy consumption


System choice

  • 1 x generator 6 kW 
  • 2 x MPPT solar charge regulator 
  • 2 x Mass Combi 24/2500-60 
  • 12 x MVSV 2 V gel battery 1250 Ah 
  • 1 x Mastershunt 500 
  • 1 x DC Distribution 500 
  • 1 x MasterView Easy

System drawing

System Riederhütte