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Mass Combi in a grid-connected solar power system

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System description

The use of local energy storage combined with a grid connected system with solar panels in a home or company is increasingly popular. Using energy storage significantly increases the self-consumption (i.e., the amount of generated solar energy that is actually used). Benefits include cost savings through reduced power consumption from the electricity grid, the certainty of using self-generated green energy, and increased autonomy. Another relevant benefit is the back-up function in case of power failures in the electricity grid.

Mass Combi zonne-energiesysteem

Below is an example of a grid-connected solar energy system with energy storage. The Mastervolt products in this system are aligned via MasterBus to ensure that power consumption via the electricity grid is reduced to a minimum. When the sun shines, the system will use the solar energy in the following priority order:

  • Powering the AC loads.
  • Charging available batteries. 
  • Returning the surplus solar energy to the electricity grid.

generate, store, use

Generated solar energy that is not immediately consumed is stored in the batteries for use in the mornings and evenings when the consumption is (usually) higher than the available solar energy.

When there is less solar energy available than needed, the energy stored in the batteries will be used first. Only when the batteries are ‘empty’ (= the minimal state of charge required for maintaining their lifespan) power from the electricity grid will be used. This means you always use as much locally generated energy as possible and are ensured of a reliable power supply. In case of a failure in the electricity grid, the Mass Combi will simply take over the power supply via autonomous/stand-alone operation.

System drawing

Mass Combi solar power system