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The wind in your sails for the day



40-50 ft sailing yacht


Extensive trips


Normal onboard facilities


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Sailing profile

Heerlijk ’n dagje zeilen op het water. Ontspannen, lekker uitwaaien en dan aan het einde van de dag weer terug naar de haven. Aan boord alle basisvoorzieningen, maar ook mogelijkheden om TV te kijken, een muziekje te luisteren, de witte wijn koud te leggen en uw laptop of mobieltje te laden.

Energy consumption

* The refrigerator runs for 1/5 of the time, resulting in an average of 10 watt.

The basics

      • As compact and lightweight is important, a combined inverter/charger has been selected.
      • Simple operation via touchscreen control panel.

System choice

The Mass Combi Pro fits perfectly into a Mastervolt system. All components are easily connected via MasterBus and installation can be controlled and monitored intuitively, even with just one EasyView touchscreen. This will provide and manage all information about the Combi, the batteries and other sources such as the generator, grid or solar panels. The system is also suitable for Digital Switching, Mastervolt’s decentralised digital switching system.

        • A battery voltage of 24 V is selected for this system to allow for smaller cable sizes.

Batteries: 3 x MLI Ultra 24/5000

The total of AC and DC consumers requires around 4 kWh. The additional alternator can charge 1 kWh in half an hour. After four days, the batteries are discharged = 12 kWh (4x 4-1). Totally discharging the batteries is not advisable so opt for a maximum of 80 % discharge = 15 kWh. Taking into account the various appliances and required peak loads we suggest a 24 V system. The required battery capacity is 15 kWh. 

Charger/inverter: Mass Combi Pro 24/3500-100

432 Ah (3x 80 % x 180 Ah) needs at least 25 % of the battery capacity for charging power, so in this case we chose for a 100 A charging power via the Mass Combi Pro. The Mass Combi Pro has a battery charger that allows you to safely, quickly and completely charge two battery banks; starter and service batteries can be separately charged. Additionally the Mass Combi Pro can be used to convert the power for your AC applications, so using everything simultaneously is also possible. 

Monitoring: EasyView 5

Waterproof system monitor with intuitive touchscreen. Thanks to the colour touchscreen and multi-language menu, the display is a pleasure to operate. Easily customizable favourite pages show all relevant system information at a glance. 

Digital distribution

The products in this system communicate with each other via MasterBus. This brilliantly simple platform for communication and connections ensures that all components ‘speak’ the same language. The result is a single communication protocol with high-speed CANbus technology.

        • 2 x DC Distribution 500 This distribution model connects up to four DC devices to the DC groups, such as a battery charger, inverter, alternators and solar panels.

Other system components

      • 11 kW generator; 
      • 2 x AGM 12/90 starter battery;
      • 1x Mass GI 3.5kVA/16A, lightweight isolation transformer for safely using shore power, vital for steel or aluminium vessels to avoid electrolysis and corrosion; 
      • 1 x Alpha 24/75 additional alternator; 
      • 1 x Alpha Pro charge regulator
      • 1 x 24V/12V DC-DC converter, each system has its own voltage. This microprocessor controlled unit converts 24 V into 12 V DC so you are able to use both voltages; 
      • 3 x Shore Fix, 16A/30mA earth leakage switches; 
      • 1 x fuse; 
      • 1 x shore power cord 16 A, 25 m
      • 1 x shore power inlet 2+PE, 16A/230V
      • 2 x battery switches for switching on and off the consumers attached
        to the battery; 
      • 3 x Class T fuse; 
      • 3 x safety relay 500 A.

System drawing