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Combis (inverter/charger)

Mastervolt Combis: Battery charging, power inverting & more, all in one compact casing

The Mastervolt Combi literally ‘combines’ an advanced battery charger and silent-running inverter in one remarkably compact device. But that isn’t all: it also adds extra functionality. This includes power support, system paralleling, secondary battery charging and even solar charging using maximum power point tracking (MPPT). There is also the possibility to create 3-phase power. This all means that the Combi can become your ideal solution for a wide range of needs, from low power recreational use right up to full-on, high power industrial applications.

Versatility in power supply 

Every model of the Mastervolt Combi series is highly versatile, so using one greatly simplifies installation. This single product not only brings you fast and complete charging of your starter and service batteries, it also provides a silent, robust and clean AC power supply. Multiple AC outputs allow heavy-draw items to be separated from the most critical equipment, making sure they don’t unintentionally deplete your batteries. The AC inputs facilitate both mains and generator connections, which the Combi can support with additional power if your loads require more than either can provide. Essentially, just this one product can handle all the power requirements in an autonomous system.

Modern technology

The unique design of the Combi range is typically Mastervolt. Rather than installing heavy transformers, you can use our high-frequency technology for major benefits in terms of compact size, a lightweight chassis and silent running (there is no transformer hum).

If that’s not enough, the Mass Combi Ultra goes even further with its revolutionary Vx converters. When heavy loads are started up, peak power performance is improved yet further, so you will get exceptionally high efficiency and low  ‘no load’ current demands. 

Perfect in a MasterBus system

Designed for system compatibility, the Mastervolt Combi fits perfectly into a MasterBus system. The network will allow you to easily control and monitor your product, while also optimising the configuration to your needs. In addition, the internal communication between other MasterBus products in your system can even boost the overall electrical performance.

Combined functionality

  • Charges two individual battery banks.
  • Supplies 12, 24 or 48 volt DC power.
  • Inverts to 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz of pure sine wave power.
  • Generator/mains support by power boosting from the battery when AC power is limited.
  • Seamless switching between generator and AC grid.
  • Paralleling Combis for more power, even in 3-phase operation.
  • Automatic transfer between charging and inverting functions.
  • Integrated MPPT solar charge regulation.

Which Mastervolt Combi will suit your application the best?

  • If you need inverter power of up to 2500 W, the Mass Combi series provides the perfect solution. Ideal for recreational applications, both marine and mobile, it is also highly capable of supporting professional systems with peak loads that remain within its specifications.
  • For inverter power of 3000 W and beyond, your solution will be in the Mass Combi Ultra range. This product houses the very latest technology, with the fastest digital signal processor (DSP) controls, and the ultra-compact V6 converter design that allows the Combi Ultra to remain lightweight whilst also taking up very little space. Additional functionality includes two AC inputs, an integrated MPPT solar charge regulator and parallel plus 3-phase power application. In short, this rugged device supports everything your off grid, high power installation will need.

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