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Here it is again: Mastervolt’s famous Powerbook. In the best Mastervolt tradition we have created a brand new edition packed with our latest innovations and most recent product information with all up-to-date specs. For your convenience; the Mastervolt Powerbook is available in an online and a printed version. Check it out now!

Innovative power systems
for autonomous use

At Mastervolt, a dedicated group of engineers with a passion for innovation, vast expertise and the desire to develop the very best, work diligently to push the envelope of what is possible in electrical system and component technology. More about Mastervolt »
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Charge & Convert

Discover our wide range of battery chargers, inverters, Combis, DC-DC converters and solar charge regulators. We have everything you need for advanced charging and reliable power conversion.

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Batteries are the ideal solution to supply any application with power when mains electricity is unavailable. Mastervolt offers various highly reliable battery technologies.

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Manage & Monitor

Top-quality components which can communicate within an extensive network: Mastervolt gives you full control over your system.

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To be independent of mains power, you need alternative energy sources. Mastervolt offers a wide range of solutions for electricity generation.

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Mastervolt's broad range of cables, sockets, fuses, shunts and cable management systems provides you with smart and reliable connections.

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Power yourself into a green future with our pioneering products for electric and hybrid propulsion. Exceptionally quiet and impressively clean, our smart solutions ensure full integration.

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