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Electrical switchboards

The yacht of your dreams is a personal choice, fitted with the finest materials and equipment available. Nothing should be left to chance, least of all your electrical system. If you want the convenience of an electrical panel controlling all functions on board, a MasterVision modular electrical switchboard is the ideal solution. With over 250 different modules and components to choose from, assembling a tailor made electrical switchboard could not be easier: ask the shipyard/installer or do it yourself.

Waterproof switches (without control button) 15A, 10/30V DC

Waterproof switch,... »
Waterproof switch,... »
Waterproof switch,... »

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Control buttons with illuminated legends

work light (version B)
work lights
work light (version A)

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Installation frames for waterproof switches

VMS installation f... »
VM6 installation f... »
VMM installation f... »

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Combined fuse/switch panel

DC switchboard, 6... »