Mastervolt marine

Isolation transformers

A safe connection between grid power and your onboard network

You need to be careful when introducing grid power onboard, for example when a yacht is made of aluminium or steel. An incorrectly configured system can result in electrolysis, which will slowly but surely corrode the metal components. A Mastervolt isolation transformer will help preserve your valuable investment and provide you with the security of a correctly earthed 230 V system.

Select the right transformer for your system:

Lightweight Mass GI transformer

  • Ultramodern high-frequency electronic switch technology.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Integrated Soft Start function.
  • Connect to voltages from 90 to 255 V and from 45 to 65 Hz.
  • Units can be parallel coupled for higher capacity.
  • Higher efficiency, limited heat development.

IVET heavy-duty series

  •  High-quality isolation transformers without casing (for self installation).
  • Optional Soft Start, in synthetic casing.
  • Capacities of 2.5 kW to 22 kW.

Mass GI

Mass GI 3.5
Mass GI 7

IVET (without cabinet)

IVET 3.5
IVET 4.5

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Transfer systems with Soft Start

Transfer system wi... »
Transfer system wi... »
Transfer system wi... »
Soft Start 13 kW
Soft Start 22 kW