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Mastervolt IntelliWeb

Internet monitoring via WiFi

All of Mastervolt’s Soladin WEB solar inverters are equipped with IntelliWeb. The inverters have an integrated data logger that stores yield information, and a WiFi connection for communication.

After logging into your personal IntelliWeb page, you will see a clear overview of the technical data, energy yield, and financial effects on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You will be able to see whether the system is functioning properly at a single glance. Should an error occur, you will receive an automatic notification via e-mail.

All system data is sent to the Mastervolt server in the Netherlands and stored safely and locally. This allows you to monitor the current situation from anywhere and at any time, even when the inverter is switched off, while real-time data updates provide you with the latest information. You will also have permanent access to a detailed history of your PV system.

IntelliWeb automatic monitoring provides you with maximum operational security!

Operating principle IntelliWeb

tekening Soladin Web

When the sun shines on the solar panels [1], the inverter [2] will automatically start. Current information regarding aspects such as performance is sent from the router [3] to IntelliWeb via the WiFi connection. You will now have easy access to the latest data regarding the PV system in house [4] as well as underway [5].

Features IntelliWeb

  • Secure personal account.
  • Monitoring of one or several inverters per account.
  • Real-time data.
  • Overview of status, power, energy (day, week, month, year, total), financial savings, voltage, current, and (inverter) temperature.
  • Logbook per inverter.
  • Bookmarks (best day, week, etc.).
  • Share your graphs on Facebook, Twitter or a Web link.
  • Error notifications to three email accounts.
  • Download monitoring data per inverter (CSV format; edit in Excel).
  • Service & support in English, Dutch, French and German; through telephone or the feedback button.
  • 10 Years warranty on the monitoring function.