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Mass Combi 24/1800-35 (230 V)

A Mastervolt Mass Combi offers best price/quality ratio. The exceptionally reliable Mass Combi series offers a lot of power at a highly competitive price. In addition, the four models are also available in two customer-friendly variations with remote control or MasterBus.

The powerful 3-step+ battery charger guarantees maximum battery life and can simultaneously charge two battery banks. The inverter with high peak power starts even the heaviest loads, with the Mass Combi 12/1600 being easily sufficient for your espresso machine. A built-in distribution system switches between grid and inverter power, while two separate AC outputs allow users to connect critical loads to a preferred group.

Grid connected solar power system with energy storage 

The Mass Combi enables the expansion of a grid connected solar power system with energy storage in batteries. This way the majority of the generated energy is used, and users are less dependent on the electricity grid. In this setup, the Mass Combi is part of a MasterBus controlled system.

Benefits of the Mass Combi: 

  • Compact, lightweight and no hum thanks to HF technology.
  • High yield and more power from your batteries.
  • Intelligent 3-step+ battery charger with low DC ripple current for fast charging times and long battery life.
  • Charges two individual battery banks simultaneously.
  • Quiet, powerful inverter with 200 % peak power.
  • Power Assist: prevents blown fuses.
  • Pure sine wave energy prevents failures and damage to sensitive equipment such as adapters.
  • Dual AC outputs to separate critical equipment from heavy loads.
  • Higher yields possible via parallel switching (only for 2200 and 2600 W models).
  • Professional connections ensure fast installation and operational security.
  • CE approved and E-marking for mobile applications.

Maximise your convenience with a Mass Combi package deal

Combi deal with MasterBus (MB version)

To integrate the Mass Combi into a MasterBus system in a simple manner, Mastervolt can deliver all Mass Combi models in a MasterBus version. The relevant product code includes the Mass Combi model of your choice, complemented by a MasterBus Combi interface.

Combi deal with remote control (Remote version)
In addition, Mastervolt can provide all Mass Combi models in a Remote version so that the AC and DC power status can be monitored remotely. The relevant product code includes the Mass Combi model of your choice, plus an ICC and an APC remote control panel.

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Specifications sine wave inverter
Nominal DC voltage 24 V (19-31 V)
Output voltage 180-250 V (adjustable) 50/60 Hz (± 0.05 %)
Output waveform true sine
Continuous power at 25 °C / 77 °F, cos phi 1 1800 W
Max. peak load 3000 W
Max. efficiency ≥ 90 %
Max. ripple on DC (battery at full load) < 5 %
Energy saving mode consumption 0,5 W
Parallel configuration no
Synchronise with mains/generator yes
DC consumption at 230 V < 9 W
Specifications battery charger
Input voltage range 180-265 V
Max. charge current at 25 °C / 77 °F 35 A at 28.5 V, adjustable
Primary AC consumption (full charge) 5.2 A
Secondary charger output voltage 24 V
Secondary charger output current 5 A
No-load power consumption on AC < 15 W
Battery temperature sensor yes, included
Battery voltage sense automatic compensation
Specifications transfer system
AC input 1 50 A (25 A switched, to short break output)
AC output 1 25 A (short break output)
AC output 2 50 A (power output)
AC input fuse yes, resettable
Transfer speed semi-seamless (10 ms typical)
Transfer voltage range 180-265 V
Transfer frequency range 45-65 Hz
General specifications
Display/read-out LED display
Dimensions, hxwxd 371 x 318 x 143 mm
14.6 x 12.5 x 5.6 inch
Weight 7.8 kg
17.2 lb
Compliance CE, ABYC, E4, RMRS
Technical specifications
Charge characteristic IUoUo, automatic / 3-step+ for Gel/AGM/MLI/ flooded/spiral/traction
Max. current power output 50 A
Max. current shortbreak / inverter output 25 A
Recommended battery capacity ~ 70-210 Ah (based on gel batteries, may differ for other types)
Ground relay yes, configurable
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25 °C to 60 °C, derating > 25 °C
-13 °F to 140 °F
Cooling maintenance-free vario fans
Protection degree IP23 (vertical mounting)
Safety class IEC protection class I
Humidity protection conformal coating, max. 95 % relative humidity, non condensing
Protections over temperature, over load, short circuit, high/low battery voltage
Power Assist yes
MasterBus compatible yes, in combination with a MasterBus Combi Interface (product code 77030475)



MasterAdjust Software to configure, monitor and log your Mastervolt system (MasterBus-USB interface...



Mass Combi 24/1800-35 (230 V)

Type approval certificate (E-mark) Mass Combi 12/1600 & 24/1800



Mass Combi 24/1800-35 (230 V)

EU DoC Mass Combi series


Drawings (dimensions)

Dimensions Mass Combi 12/1600 and 24/1800(zipped PDF and DXF file)


User manuals

Mass Combi 24/1800-35 (230 V)

User’s Manual Mass Combi 12/1600-60; 12/2200-100; 24/1800-35; 24/2600-60 English


3D product drawings

3D-drawing Mass Combi 12/1600-60 and 24/1800-35 (zipped STEP file)


Product image

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Remote APC (230 V)

Indication of AC consumption, AC voltage, fuse value of the grid/generator ­connection, with... View product

Remote ICC

Indication of DC consumption, charge phase indication, AC present, failure message, with... View product