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Bringing all the comfort of your home on the road

Mastervolt systems can also be used for pleasure cruising in campers, caravans and expedition vehicles. This recreational market revolves around independence and being able to rely on the same sort of electricity supply that is available at home. There are also various specific demands involving issues such as regulations for weight and volume. Mastervolt is known for producing the best products with an optimal capacity, weight and volume ratio.

Mastervolt took the step to high-frequent technology a long time ago so our products are smaller and more lightweight than those offered by other manufacturers. What’s more, the smart technology ensures that Mastervolt equipment is significantly quieter. By using smaller transformers, our products generate less hum. All products are then linked with MasterBus communication (which is integrated in most products) to ensure they function together as a single system. It doesn’t get any easier.

System examples:

Real life systems: