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Solar charge regulators

The sun as an additional source of energy

Solar cells provide power from daylight. This renewable energy source boosts your independence and also helps keep your battery in peak condition. Mastervolt's solar know-how plays a key role. 

Efficient, reliable and safe

The Mastervolt Solar ChargeMaster charge regulators maximise yield from the often very irregular supply of sunlight. Robust power electronics align the energy from the solar panels to the charge status of the batteries. Mastervolt’s solar charge regulators are suitable for all energy systems with system voltages of 12 V, 24 V and 48 V, and charge all battery types, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries. They ensure an optimal and efficient charge cycle and are highly reliable. The 3-step+ charging method guarantees an extra-long lifespan for your batteries. A MasterBus connection is available for optimal integration within the energy system. 

Versatile and flexible

Mastervolt solar charge regulators can be used flexibly to complement your energy system, or in places where no electricity is available, such as remote holiday cottages or chalets. In addition, the solar charge regulators are a perfect mobile solution for campers, measuring vehicles, yachts and traffic & information signs. They are also ideal for professional applications at remote petrol stations, telecom relay stations or offshore units.

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