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Carefree powering of all your professional equipment

Applications in this market include professional offices or workshops on wheels, such as a mobile dentist’s office, border patrol, TV studio or security and research vehicles. As professional environments, the functioning of the onboard equipment is of the essence. And it’s here where the Mastervolt motto – ‘The power to be independent’ – comes into its own. Wherever your workplace is located, Mastervolt can ensure electricity by supplying the best possible batteries, inverters, chargers, digital monitoring, switching systems and everything else required to be able to operate independently of the conventional electricity grid.

In this market there are stringent requirements for weight and volume as well as high demands on reliability and service. Here too the core values of Mastervolt such as innovation, quality, service and a system approach come into play - values that have made Mastervolt a leader in its sector.

Real life systems